{Looking Ahead} Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day. What a fun day!  My school system is finishing up the One Book Blitz this week, but I decided to move on. I just couldn't pass on Groundhog Day!

5 Minute Day

For the independent activity, the students will produce their target (using a pvc pipe as a "talkback"), then complete Color-A-Groundhog from Panda Speech. (It's a freebie!) 
For my students who are in a group with artic students, they will complete the Wh Questions: Interactive Book with Visuals (Speech Me Maybe). When it's time for him/her to have his/her time with me, we'll go over the book.
Traditional Therapy
For Wednesday & Thursday sessions, the students are going to love playing Groundhog Day Quick Drill (Putting Words in Your Mouth).
My older language kids will start on Groundhog Day for Language, Reading, & Responding (and more!) , again from Putting Words in Your Mouth. Instead of printing out the cards, I downloaded the product on my iPad (iBooks) to save cardstock, laminating film, and ink. I did, however, print off the game.
I made a quick Seek, Circle, and Say Homework sheet for next week. To get your copy, click here.

Groundhogs made their way to my part of the country a few years ago. Before that, my students didn't have a reference to exactly what a groundhog is. On Wed., I'll show my kids the clip from last Groundhog Day, and on Thursday, we'll watch the clip from that morning.
Are you planning anything special for Groundhog Day? Do you have groundhogs in your area of the country/world?

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