Using Google Forms to Make a Therapy Schedule: Part 2

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This is a follow-up post to the original Using Google Forms to Make a Therapy Schedule.

I recently received an email from someone who saw my YouTube clip. She asked the question: Can you still use Google Forms/Sheets if you don't send it to the teachers as an email? She preferred to sit down with her teachers one-on-one to complete the schedule. The answer: Of course!
If you know the ins & outs of making a therapy schedule using Forms (or don't have time to watch the whole clip!), here are the important points:

1) After you have the Google Forms just as you want, click on the "eye" at the top right corner of the screen:
The word "Preview" will show when you hover over the "eye".

2) Complete the form and click "Submit":
"Submit" is at the bottom of the form.
3) Click "Submit another form" to add another teacher.
It's easy to keep adding teachers!
Pretty easy, no? If you have questions/comments, leave them below!

Update (08/31/17):
I received a question asking if 1 teacher could submit multiple times. The answer is yes! I had 1 teacher complete the form twice and put in the names/initials of the student. The teacher only has to click on "Fill Out Form" as many times as necessary.

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