It's Time to Brush Up On Your Therapy Skills...Especially For /r/

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Back to School. Are you excited or just hoping to get through it? The students in my school system just finished their first week of school. It just didn't seem like the beginning of the school year to me. I slept great the night before and ran on autopilot with my morning routine. I got to school and did what I needed to do: wrote out class lists and got my rechecks for 1st & 2nd grades ready, among other things. Now it's time to brush up on my therapy skills...especially for /r/.

Just Like Riding a Bike

Oh, that /r/. The bain of our existence as school-based SLPs. Once you have a routine and a plan, it's just like riding a bike: you get back into it and before long you're back in the groove.

5 Tips for Grappling the Elusive "R"

I had the pleasure of getting out of my comfort zone and participating in a Facebook Live Session with Brooke from Simply Speaking SLT. Brooke is a New Zealander, so talking with her was interesting and very easy on the ears. My topic was 5 Tips for Grappling the Elusive "R".  I shared 5 things I've learned to correct production of /r/. Brooke was fantastic at putting me at ease and by when it was time to go "live" I felt like I had a new friend. I think you can tell there were a lot of laughs!
We had a bit of a snafu after a few minutes, so we had to complete the session in 2 parts. Brooke started this wonderful series a few months ago; she completes one/month. You'll definitely want to check out her Facebook Page and watch past (and future) shows. Oh, and definitely watch the second part of my session for more tips that maybe you didn't know about! I'm keeping my freebie up until August 15, 2018. Just click here and you should go right to it. 

I wrote a couple of posts about how I go about working on /r/ with my students and I had been meaning to get around to posting a video. The Facebook Live was perfect timing and allowed me to talk about my procedures/techniques in greater detail. 

You may be excited about back to school, or it may seem like you didn't even have a break. Either way, July &  August means it's time to brush up my therapy skills...especially for /r/! 
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