A Language Game You Don't Want To Miss! (And a GIVEAWAY!)

Are you looking for a new language board game for your students? I was contacted by Zoom on Speech, who is the creator of Zoom on Speech Kibbit Bingo Style Game Targeting Descriptive Language, Sentence Structure, and Ability to follow Multi-Component Directions asking if I was willing to try out the game for an honest review.
I have to say that this game was fantastic! My kids absolutely loved playing. I used it for almost every student on my caseload. Playing the game hit a target for almost every one of my students.
The rules are pretty simple: Roll the dice and see if you have a ball (or any of the items on the other 3 cards) that matches. The game description says there are 2 levels, but I would disagree with that. Doing what we do with modifying activities for our kids, there are multiple levels. I was able to modify it by adding dice for my more advanced students and changing the response required.
After rolling the dice, I had the student tell me what we were looking for. For example, "We're looking for a little/small ball with white stars." Another die can be added for a specific shape color to make things a little more difficult. And, you can mix up the response required to hit more artic targets. Or, hide the dice from the other players for more listening tasks. The possibilities are endless!
Included in the game:
  • 7 dice
  • 8 double-sided boards for a total of 4 themes
  • 40 chips

This will definitely be a "go-to" game. With 4 different boards (there are 4 boards for each picture), I can use them several times a year. And, at a price of around $30, I'd say it's pretty reasonable. This is a keeper! 
To order yours, click here.
Zoom on Speech has graciously offered a game as a giveaway. If you want a chance to get this game, all you have to do is let me know in the comments by leaving your email address or Instagram username! A winner will be randomly chosen on Sunday, 22 December 2019, at 10:00 pm EST
The winner will be notified by email. The game will be shipped through Amazon Fulfillment.
*Please note: I will not use your email for any purpose other than to notify you if you are the winner. 
**This giveaway is not endorsed by Facebook, Instagram, or Amazon.

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