Friday Finds

My finds for the week:

Only $4 at Dollar General!  Crazy Speech World uses them for antonyms/synonyms, but since I don't work on those targets very often, I may use them for describing, or for an open-end game.  
One of the SLPs in my system shared this with us.  She bought the 3/4 wooden cubes (8 for $1.99) and the paint markers from Hobby Lobby, then put dots on one cube, and numbers on the other.  The student rolls each die, then puts that number of dots corresponding to the color on the paper.  She had the student fold the paper several times so they would have some sort of guide to go by when they made their dots.  

These next 2 don't have anything to do with Speech, but I wanted to include them anyway!  I saw the white asparagus in our local Aldi.  When I was in Germany this summer, it was "Spargel" (asparagus) season.  I had a taste of some, and it was actually pretty good.
Aldi also had another goodie I had over the summer:

I saw these in Kroger and had to grab a couple to see how they were.  In case you're wondering, they are delicious!  Especially if you like pumpkin!
Those are my finds for the week. Did you find anything exciting to share?

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