Wednesday Waffs

Time for another installment of Wednesday Waffs!  My students provided me with plenty of material this week!

♥♥  After telling the students about the game they were going to play, one of them said, "I've never heard of this game, but I like those things" (while pointing to the Chipper Chat chips).

♥♥  After I said, "Good job!" to a student, he said, "Yeah, I'm pretty good at these sounds."

♥♥  For a sentence with the word "check", one student made up the sentence "A check has zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, dot, zero, zero."

♥♥  I've started using little dollars instead of stickers for my 4th grade groups.  One student made the comment that he "could use a check" instead!

♥♥  As I went around the corner with some 4th graders, I almost ran into our SRO.  One of the boys said, "You'd better watch out for ♪♫bad boy, bad boy...whatcha gonna do♪♫"!

♥♥  From a first grader speaking about a student that he went to speech with last year:  He's a pretty good fella, but he could've been in last place but I would've stopped so he could win.

And, if that wasn't enough for a sweetest quote of the week, he said this:
♥♥  I have best friends and I want them to get first place.

What funny or sweet things did your kids say lately?


  1. A little kindergarten boy commenting on a "large" girl. - "I know why she's fat. She eats too fast, and she walks too slow!"

  2. The joys of working in an elementary school!

  3. A little girl and I were confronting her bully when she had second thoughts and said, "I was overreacting; I shouldn't have said anything," and the bully said, "No; you did the right thing by telling. I'm sorry."


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