If Ever I Needed a Reminder...

If I ever needed reminders that I'm in the right profession, some of my students provided that this past week.

  Not 1, but two of my 4th grade students started making the /ɝ/ sound!  One of them got it by using the starter /i/, and the other with the /a/.  There was a lot of dancing going on in the Speech Room!

  One of my students who uses an AAC app (Sono Flex by Tobii)  got in trouble for blurting out in class the other day!  She was in a classroom and another student asked her a question.  She said "Yes" and the volume was on kind of loud.  The teacher told her to stop blurting out!  This teacher also pulled her name to answer a question in class, and she answered correctly...without the assistant's help.  Yay to the teacher!!!  (I see a Starbucks card in his future!)

  One of my students who has autism misbehaved in Guidance class.  His ancillary told me about it (he comes to Speech right after Guidance), and I told him that he needed to tell her that he was sorry.  Right about that time the Guidance Teacher came out of the classroom, and he went to her and told her he was sorry.  She asked him what he was sorry about, and he told her what he did.  Not only that, but his bottom lip started to tremble and tears got into his eyes.  It broke my heart, but it was quite a major breakthrough! 

I almost don't want Fall Break to come, my kids are doing so well!  (I said "almost"!!!)

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