Week in Review: Week of 09/30

For the independent center for "5 Minute Day" on Monday/Tuesday, the students did the Fall Board from the Holiday & Seasonal Chipper Chat (Super Duper, Inc.).  The Chipper Chat Boards are great for any age group.  I used it with a preschooler last week; the 3rd graders enjoy playing it as their "independent center".  For my small groups who didn't do "5 Minute Day", it was used as a game.
On Tuesday, my preschooler (who is working on the /f/ sound) used the Bingo Dauber Art from DLTK's Crafts for Kids.  We read "Clifford's First Autumn" by Norman Bridwell, then did the activity.  He reminded me about using the iPad timer so he would know when it was time to go. 
Wednesday/Thursday the groups played "Fall Bingo" (Print 'N Play---Mayer Johnson).  
One of my First Grade Students read the class' story of the week:  "Little Red Hen".  On Tuesday (when he comes to speech with another student), he made up sentences using the classroom vocabulary as it pertained to the story.  They played "Fall Bingo".
On Thursday, this student used the "Questionit?" app for asking "wh" questions, and played "All About Fall" by The TLC Shop.  He had to use the verb in it's past tense in a sentence.

 My 4th grade language group completed the 'Pirate Themed Following Directions Freebie!" by Kathy Babineau.  (I meant to do this during Pirate Week, but it was on my desk-buried underneath some papers)  The students read each direction silently, then followed the direction.  After they completed the item, we looked back at the direction and they found the key words.  At the beginning, they struggled, but they had it by the end!
Friday was a "light" day:  I only saw 1 group of 3 students, and saw one student individually.  We had about half of the students absent since the buses didn't run (budget cuts).  My day ended with a long IEP meeting.

 Next week is Fall Break, so I hope to get my house clean, clear out some closets, and get some October Materials made!

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  1. I love the idea of finding the key words after they follow the directions!!


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