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Have I mentioned before how much I enjoy Linky Parties?  Teach Speech 365 is hosting a party and the rules are easy:  Just spend $5 at the Dollar Store and come up with 3-5 therapy activities to share.  Then, go back and link up.
I got a couple of these packs of 2 boxes.  I saw this idea on Liz's Speech Therapy Ideas, but she used Target Brand tissue boxes.  I plan on cutting out the mouths, and the students can let the jack-o-lantern and monster "eat" their cards.
I have some preschoolers who are going to love this one!  After saying a few of their targets, they can let the bean "jump" and roll from the top to the bottom.  One of my preschoolers is just beginning to use "My First AAC", so this will used to have him ask to see it.
I'm kind of cheating on this one, because I already have one set of these stamps.  I bought another one so I don't have to worry about taking them to my other school.  These can be used for the students to make a picture and then describe it; it can be used as a barrier game, where 1 student uses them to make a picture, then has another student make the same picture.  For the preschoolers, they can work on basic concepts or following directions.  For my artic students, they can use this during their 5 minute independent activity; I'm thinking something like this idea that one of my coworkers came up with.
Those items equaled $4, since I got 2 sets of the boxes.  They also had a mummy set, but I didn't get that one.
These aren't going to be used in therapy, but I also picked up these:
 Skeleton rings to put in my Halloween Prize Bucket.
Zipper pouches to put cards in.  I saw this idea somewhere (sorry I don't remember where!):  If you have an activity that uses cards along with a board game, you put the board game in a sheet protector, then put the cards in a pencil pouch.  These were pretty cool:  they have 2 separate spaces:  one big and one smaller; both are see-through.
Can't wait to see what everybody else found!

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