Wednesday Waffs

Since I'm off for Fall Break this week, I'm going to share things that I saw on Facebook that made me chuckle:

(This one is a "leftover" from last week.  I forgot to use it!)
A First Grader said she was going to the high school on a field trip.  She said that her uncle goes to school there.  When asked how old he is, she said, "I think he's 30."

Smart Apps for Kids shared this cartoon, but it actually came from short arm guy:

Speech Language Pirates shared this on Facebook:
A preschooler looking at the picture on my badge (taken 3 years ago): Is that you?
Me: Yup, that's me!
Preschooler: When you were young, right?

 From Chatterbox Speech:
Quote of the day by a 5th grade boy:

Me: Guess the word--fill in the blank. Ready? A person who sings is a singer, a person who dances is...

Him: An idiot. 

Bahaha!! Mmmkay.

 If you have any funnies to share, chime in!

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