Therapy Week in Review

This was a really short week for me:  Administration Day on Monday, and I'm taking a Personal Day today.
On Monday, one of the 2nd Grade Teachers taught me how to use the "comb binder".  You would think in my 29 years of being an SLP, I would've learned how to do this!  It took me a couple of tries to get it, but here it is:

 This booklet is from Chapel Hill Snippets, specifically from this post.  She has a bunch of free downloads!

Tuesday was "5-Minute Day".  At my Tuesday/Thursday School, I actually only have 1 group who does 5 minutes, so I just use whatever I use the independent activity for group/individual activities.  This week, I use the "Skeleton Game" from Activity Village.
My room at this school is really small, so I will have the 5 minute student at one end of the table, and the other student doing the independent activity at the other end of the table.  I used the "Make Dice" app for the dice since I could turn the sound off.  The student uses the pvc pipe to whisper their words into so they can hear how they are saying them.  The 5 minute student in the above picture had to say each word 4 times each, so he had 4 pumpkins in front of him that he touched as he said each word.
For the rest of the students, we just played the skeleton game as a reinforcement activity.  I have a few copies of the skeletons, and laminated them so that they can be reused.
With a 2nd grader, we played "Back Pocket Monsters:  Inference Freebie" by Jenna Rayburn.  This activity worked out great with this student!

I was kind of bummed on Wednesday, because my intern was responsible for choosing the activity for the day.  I didn't get to use my new materials that I made over Fall Break.  Also, I have no pictures since she's now taking over on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Yesterday, I read "Bears Feel Scared" by Karma Wilson to all of my groups. Every. Single. One.  Even my 4th Graders.
With one of my 1st Graders, we read the book, then played "Bear Search", which was part of the companion pack by SLP Gone Wild (a.k.a. Crazy Speech World).  I made QR codes for some of his classroom vocabulary words.  He used those words in sentences that had to do with the book.  We also used the cards that had questions about the book.
My language groups spent so much time talking about the vocabulary, we only had time to read the book. I wasn't sure how my 4th graders would feel about reading the book, but they actually enjoyed it.  I think taking the time to talk about the vocabulary helped.

That was my week in a nutshell:  short & sweet!

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  1. Sounds lovely! Thanks for the information about Activity Village. I had not known about this site. I am now signed up to receive updates! (p.s. I love all the Bear books too!)


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