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On the 3rd Friday of every month, Jenna at Speech Room News hosts a linky.  She gives the topic, and the participants post a few of our favorites, then go back and link up.  It's a great way to get some awesome ideas, and see what everybody else is doing.

~  I have a couple of "go to" language apps.  The one I use the most is "QuestionIt".  ($24.99)  I use this mainly to work on asking questions.  The lower levels are color-coded, so I explain to the student that the answer is the same color as the question word, so that's the word they will leave out when asking the question.
The front page:

The sentence level using the color coding:
Level 3 of sentences without the color coding:
And the paragraph level:
~  An app that I use a lot with my preschoolers is "Injini". ($29.99)  There are different activities for the students to complete, and it gives a lot of opportunities to expand language and to just get the students talking!
~  Another app that my preschoolers enjoy is "My Little Suitcase". (FREE!)  First, the student turns over all of the "cards" to match up which items are needed in the suitcase.
After the items are found, the student decides where they are going.
~  My older students enjoy the McGraw Hill App:  Grammar Wonderland Elementary. ($2.99)  They fly the airplane through the air finding the correct cloud avoiding other items flying in the air:
If they are too slow with their answer, a big puff of wind will blow them backwards.

~  McGraw Hill has another app for younger students:  Word Wonderland Primary. ($1.99)  The student helps the frog hop to the end lily pad, finding the appropriate lily pad to fill in the holes.
Last, but certainly not least, is "Splingo".  ($2.99)   It's a great app to use for following directions.  When it first came out, you didn't have a choice as to what voice it would give directions, so I had to do a lot of repeating because my little mountain students had no idea what it was saying since it was in a British accent.  They have since updated it so you can pick what kind of voice you hear.  The kids love building the spaceship and then traveling to outer space.

There are so many wonderful apps out there!  Don't forget to go back to Jenna's to visit other participants and get some ideas!

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