Therapy Review for Week of 10/21

Monday, my intern read "The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything" to the preschool class.  She brought in a pretty elaborate story board:
When the students broke out into their centers, she worked with one of the students with some activities from The Speech Bucket's Companion Pack:
On Tuesday, my students played a "blackout" game.  I'd love to give credit to the person who made these boards, but I have no idea where I found it!  The credits weren't on the gameboards.  If this is yours, please let me know!
For my 5 minute group on Tuesday, I made QR codes with their classroom vocabulary words for the week.  When it wasn't his turn with me, the student scanned the code.  If the code had his sound in it, he wrote it on the circle that is on my table.
My language groups reviewed "Bear Feels Scared" (we read it last week and discussed vocabulary) and described the animals using a sheet from the companion packet (Crazy Speech World/SLP Gone Wild).
My intern was out with a sick child on Wednesday, so I got to play with my students!  On Wednesday & Thursday, we read "The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything", stressing the target sounds for my artic kids.  Then, we played the open-ended game that was included in theThe Speech Bucket's Companion Pack.
(The student in the picture is working on her /r/.  For my procedure, click here.)  The kids really liked this game.  It was a little different in that if they landed on a picture that wasn't a piece of clothing, they had to go back 2 spaces.  If they landed on a crow, they had to go back to start.

My preschool language group worked on yes/no questions to work on comprehension of the book(courtesy of Speech Language Pirates):
We also worked on concepts using a monster box and a jack-o-lantern box & some halloween erasers (all from the Dollar Tree):
At the end of the session, I had them put an eraser in the box, then answer the question "Where is the ____?"  One of the students understood pretty quickly that I wanted him to say "in the box"; it took the other one a little longer!  Then, to make it interesting, I would tell him to put the eraser in the big/little box and ask him where the _____ is.  It's great when I'm on the same wavelength as the teacher:  she said that she is getting ready to work on the same thing with them!
Yesterday, my language groups worked on sequencing and retelling the story.  Neither group had difficulty sequencing, but retelling was a whole different story!  I definitely need to incorporate more of that into my sessions.
(Sequencing activity is from the companion pack by The Speech Bucket.)

Any suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated!

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