Therapy Week in Review for 11/08/2013

Another week has gone by!  It actually felt good to work a whole week.  My intern took the reigns on Monday.  She didn't have "5 Minute Day" since the week before was crazy with her being out on Monday, and then I was out Wed.-Fri.  On Monday & Tuesday (since I'm at different schools those days), we extended Halloween just a little bit by playing "The Eyeball Game".  I saw this idea last year from Speech Room News.  The kids liked it so much, we had to play it again this year!
For my 4th grade language group, we used "Four In The Fall".  (I'm not sure where I got it from, and I can't find it on TpT, so if this is yours, please let me know so I can give you credit!)  We played on teams, and, since there are only 3 students in that group, I played on a team.  We read the clues on the cards, and then found the answer on the board.  If we put the chip on the wrong word, the card went to the bottom of the pile and the chip was taken off of the board.  The first team to get 4 chips in a row was the winner.  It was a close game, but my team lost (which the other team thought was hilarious!).

On Wednesday, my intern brought in this game for the students to play:
I had never heard of this game; she said she picked it up at a yard sale.  The kids absolutely loved it!  They rolled a color dice, and then had to look for items in a category, or find the picture on the tiles that matched the picture on the card.  During "game days", I try to get at least 28 responses.  With this game, she only got around 10, so we problem solved on how to modify the game to get more responses.  (fewer tiles or having each student say their target and then letting one person have a turn)
One activity she did with the preschoolers was "Thanksgiving Following Directions" from Let's Talk Speech Language Pathology".  It hit their vocabulary, following directions, and spatial concepts objectives.
For added reinforcement, the student got to feed the animal.  So what if they got a little silly and didn't match the food to the animal?
On Thursday, I did a Veteran's Day activity with my school-age students.  For the artic students, following production of their target, they turned over a word and decided which column that word belonged.  Their choices were "are", "can", and "have".  They then wrote the word in the appropriate column.

At least, that's how I started the day.  I wised up (a little) after those first 2 groups, and ended up making copies of the words and cutting them out so the students could glue the words in the appropriate column.
But then I wised up even more and reduced the words so they would fit into the boxes better:
BINGO!  That worked out GREAT!  The only constructive criticism I have about this activity is that the font that was used was a bit difficult for my students to read.

My 4th grade language group read a passage about the history of Veteran's Day and underlined the important words/phrases.  Following that, they answered questions about the passage.  This is a group that really struggles with pretty much all facets of reading, but they did real well with remembering (without me reminding them) to look back in the passage at the underlined words to find the answers.

I've seen a few posts on Facebook about "Pirate Talk", so I decided to pull it out for my walk-in preschooler to play:
For some reason, when I played this game before I didn't care for it.  I thought it took too long for the spinner to stop, but it didn't seem that way this time.  One of the good things about the spinner is that you can turn the sound off, so it's not quite as annoying!

Friday morning, I had a small group of 2 walk-in preschoolers.  One is working on /k,g/, and the other is working on bilabials and using "my".  "My Hungry Turkey" by Expressively Speaking fit the bill!
After we went through the book, I let one color while I targeted the other's objective.  PERFECT!
With my other Friday students, I repeated the Veteran's Day activity.  It was something different, but I think the students enjoyed it!

What did  you do this week?

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