Wednesday Waffs

Believe it or not, I don't have any of my own today.  Probably because I missed 3 days of school last week due to the stomach bug.  So, I've stolen taken the liberty of using some that I've seen on Facebook.  Thank you for your contributions!

From Speech2U:
I was talking with a colleague over lunch about how you can use the "t" and "sh" to shape "ch".  I was seeing a kid and decided to just try it-it wasn't one of their goals.  I tell them say, "Shhhh....." and then say, "tah".....and that's how I accidentally almost taught my kid to swear today.  Duh.

From Lynda SLP 123:
The funniest thing that happened on my birthday: When my husband arrived at my school

 to have lunch with me, my first grade student asked, "Is he your dad?" When I replied, 

"No...", he asked, "Is it your sister?"

From  Chatterbox Speech:

Me: When does it snow?

Kiddo: 9 days.

Hope these made you smile!  Do you have any chuckles?  Let me know so I can include them!

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