Wednesday Waff

I only have one today, but it may take a while for me to tell it!
Yesterday, we had a tornado drill.  My Tuesday school is built into a hill and has 2 stories, so everybody had to go downstairs.  In my 6 years of being at that school, I don't think I've ever been there for a tornado drill, so I had no idea where to go;  I just followed a 1st grade class into a 3rd grade classroom.  I saw one of the 3rd grade teachers go into her room (which is on the side of the building that faces the outside), but didn't think anything about it. It seemed like there were a lot of kids in the classroom I was in, but again, I didn't think anything about it.  At one point, the principal came in and asked if a 3rd grade class was in there. (Apparently the teacher had lost her class.) Nobody said anything, so he left.  A little while later, the secretary came onto the intercom and said for those students to return to their classroom immediately.  At that point, a whole class of kids stood up.  Yep, they were in the room where I was the whole time!  The teacher had even come into the room and didn't see her kids.  I guess from that angle, it's hard to tell who the kids are!
The teacher said that she gave the instruction for the kids to go in the room across the hall, and they must have misunderstood because they went into Mrs. Hall's room.
It's never a dull moment at that school!

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