Tuesday Therapy Review

Since today is the last day before the Thanksgiving weekend, and my intern planned yesterday's therapy, I thought I'd just share today's activities.
But first...
Just in case you don't follow me on Instagram, I'll catch you up.  I had a placement meeting this morning at 7:15, and the mom was nice enough to bring some muffins for the IEP Team Members!  In 29 years, no one has ever done that!  When I emailed her to thank her, she said, " I can't believe  that no one has every done that.  Well, I believe that a little bit of kindness can really change a persons day."

My 4th graders answered questions about Thanksgiving passages and played a game (Pilgrims!  Listening for Details by Taylor Rodgers).
I also used "Developing Auditory Processing and Short Term Memory Recall-Thanksgiving Theme" from Speech for ME.  In the above picture, it is the sheet next to the iPad that has "Happy Thanksgiving" on it.  If you're looking for a good recall activity for Thanksgiving, this is it!  All of the  passages are situations that the students can relate to.  The passages were the perfect length that held their attention, but wasn't so short that they didn't have to think about the passage to answer.  (Does that even make sense?)
With my artic kids, I keep track of whose turn it is to go first by making an asterisk on their label, but since this group doesn't play a game every session, I have to decide who is going to go first.  So, I use "Tap Roulette" to see who goes first.  They always want to do "best out of 3" (or 4 or 5!)!  Thanks, Speech Room News for turning me on to this!

Most of my groups played "Get to Granny's", which is a "Troll in a Bowl" game.  (Sadly, after doing a bit of research, these games aren't available anymore, which is really too bad!)  This game is a "non-competitive" game, so either everybody wins or loses.  The goal of this game is to get Red Riding Hood to Grandma's before the wolf gets there.  If they picked a wolf, a piece of the wolf goes on Grandma; the wolf knocking on a pig's door (there are 3 of those cards for each of the 3 little pigs) means a piece of the wolf gets taken off, and if they get Red Riding Hood, they move her the number of spaces indicated on the card.
For the groups that finished that game before time was up, they got to play a bonus game!  This game came from Speaking of Speech, specifically under "Therapy Games".  If you haven't considered any of these activities, check them out!
One of the students used "Mayflower Inferences" by Communication Station, in which he read the 4 words on the card, and determined "who", "what", or "where" it is.  When he finished that, we used the cards from "What Am I?  Thanksgiving Edition (a Describing Game)" by Queen's Speech.  He looked at the picture and told me 3 things about each one.

That was my Tuesday, which also happened to be our "Friday"!  I almost hate to put my Thanksgiving activities away...there were a few new ones that I didn't get to.  I guess I'll have to save them for next year!

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