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On my iPad for Articulation:

1)  I have to admit:  I don't use an articulation app regularly during therapy.  Right after I got Articulate It! I used it a bunch.  Then, one day, I left my iPad at my other school and pulled the cards back out.  The kids may have done some cheering when I brought the cards back out.  Since then, I haven't used it very much.  In fact, I mostly use it as a listening station for my 5 minute days.  One thing I don't like about using it during therapy, is that if I want to use another app, I can't pop up the other app, then switch back to where I was in Articulate It!.  I like the changes that have been made to the app since I first got it.  They continue to make it better with every update!

2)  Another artic app I use for 5 minute days is Speech2Go.  This is a free app that opens up in iBook.  It will allow the student to record his production and replay to analyze it.   It doesn't take data, but I've learned not to rely on data from apps anyway.  It seems that every time I have relied on the app, either the app has shut down, or (and more than likely) I have touched the wrong button and messed up the data.

3)  This technically isn't an "artic app", but Quick Voice gets quite a bit of use in my therapy room, especially during evaluations.  Need an intelligibility sample? Have the iPad set up so that it's facing you, turn the "record" button on and the student never knows that you're recording him!  Then, you can listen to the sample at your convenience and analyze the student's speech and intelligibility.  This app is free as well!

Don't forget to go over to Speech Room News to see what other SLPs are doing in their therapy!


  1. I've got to check out speech2go! Thanks for the idea. I totally agree with the technology data collection. I'm sticking with my paper and pen for now.


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