Short Therapy Week in Review: 12/18/13

Who loves short weeks?  Okay, that was a pretty stupid question!  Wednesday was our last day before break, and the buses didn't run, so I had time to tie up some loose ends and get a jump start on progress reports.
~  Monday in the Developmental Preschool Class, I read "There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Bell".  Each kid had one of the items and fed it to the old lady when they heard the word.  Then, we decorated foam Christmas Trees with foam stickers I bought from the Dollar Tree.  I did this activity a couple of weeks ago with a couple of walk-in preschoolers, but this time the kids only put things on the tree that the old lady swallowed.  And, they had to follow my directions as to where to put the sticker.  The COTA got in on the action, too.
The "big kids" played "Fat Santa".  This is a non-competitive game by Troll in a Bowl (which  is no longer in existence).  The kids have to get all of the ornaments on the tree before Santa is fat and ready to come.  If they get a card with Mrs. Claus, they have to put a piece of Santa on the board; if they get Santa on an exercise bike they get to take a piece of Santa off.
 After that game, we played "Polar Bears".  Santa lost a bag in the middle of polar bears, and his favorite elf volunteered to go get the bag back.  He has to find  things to help him get to the bears:  a sled to go down the hill, ice skates to get over the frozen river, an umbrella to get through the cave of falling icicles, a pogo stick to hop over the cracked ice, carrots to get past the angry snowmen (who are angry because rabbits stole their noses!), decorations for the sad tree, and fish to feed the polar bears so he can get the toys.  And, they have to get all of those things before the bears get all of the toys.
~  Tuesday, the kids played the same games that we played on Monday.  Since the buses weren't running on Wed., most of the kids were busy with activities, so I was able to get progress reports done.

~  Wednesday, I only saw a few groups.  I read "On the Christmas Tree" by Ruth Morgan.  I put it on the Smartboard, and we talked about what they saw on each page.  Then, we made brownie trees.  We worked on making complete sentences, asking for the m&m's, and the colors red & green.  
After we made the trees, the teacher played a sweet little story that involved pretend play.  They "ice skated" around the room to music.

Oh, I forgot to share how our day started!  Our cafeteria ladies supplied us with fresh cinnamon rolls:
MOST excellent!!!

I will be taking the next 2 weeks off to prepare for Christmas, and spend time with my family.  I hope everyone has a safe, happy holiday!

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  1. Sounds as if you had a wonderful week! Two more days for me.... I think I can, I think I can!!! Happy Holidays to you and yours!


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