Love it & List it! Holiday Link-up

So....I lied.  I lied in my post on Thursday when I said I was taking a 2 week break to get ready for Christmas and to spend time with my family.  I didn't mean to, honestly.  I completely forgot about the Linky Party at Speech Room News every 3rd Friday of the month!  Here are my favorite holiday activities from this December:

1)  "There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell" activities.  I used the companion packet from Mindy Stenger. 

Oh, my goodness, did my kids love these activities!  The first day of the week when I had my kids, I read the book and they rang a bell every time they heard their sound.  (The older kids did this, anyway!)  The younger kids played the Bingo game that's included in the companion packet.  For the second day of therapy, we played the open-ended game in the packet.

2)  My kids love, love, love the non-competitive games that I have from Troll in a Bowl.  Unfortunately, they are out of production.  If you do a search for "Troll in a Bowl", you're taken to some apps.  Anyway, we played "Fat Santa" and "Polar Bears".  I talked it about it here.

3)  My preschoolers decorated a foam Christmas Tree with foam stickers.  I had an "aha" moment when we started to decorate them:  I had just read "There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell", and had the idea to decorate the tree with things the old lady swallowed.  They followed directions by putting the sticker "over, under, on, beside" and "at the top".  
5 stickers is about all they could handle before we completely lost their attention!

4)  A new game this year is going to have to go into the rotation:  Santa's Cookie Slam.
The hardest part of this game was making sure the kids waited until I said "Go!" to put their hand on their choice!  And, this is a freebie!  

5)  How could I not put "Bear Stays Up for Christmas" on my list?  
 For the first day of the week, my kids (except for Kindergarten & preschool) made a mark on the graph every time they heard their sound while I read the book.  
The second day of the week, we played "Bear Hunt", and my language kids worked on recall and making sentences out of the vocabulary word.  This is from SLP Gone Wild's companion packet

Those are my favorite activities from this year.  I try to rotate my activities so the kids aren't doing the same year from year to year!
 Head over to Speech Room News to see what everybody else did for the holidays!


  1. I love the foam trees! Fun! THanks for breaking your 'break' to link up with me ;) Merry Christmas

  2. I've never heard of Troll in the Bowl, but it sounds like fun!


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