Getting Back into the Swing of Things

What an awesome break I had!  Christmas, followed by a camping trip to see the New Year's entrance in The Keys, a side trip to St. Augustine, followed by an extended 3-day break (thank you, Mother Nature!).  I could get used to 2-day weeks!
 Our last sunset in The Keys.
It was incredibly cold & windy in St. Augustine
I played the board game from "New Year's Resolution Race" from SpeechSnacks (FREE!)  with all of my groups on Thursday.  And, I mean all of my groups; even my preschool walk-ins.   We talked about what we did for New Year's Eve, and discussed resolutions before we played the game.   When it wasn't their turn, the students colored the New Year page from colarapp.  If you haven't checked out this free app, do it!  Thank you, Mia from putting words in your mouth for mentioning it in this post! It was a nice way to get back into the groove.
Friday is my day to see some students individually (except for 1 group session), so I had one more day to get back into the swing of things.  I'll have to hit the ground running this week:  I have my 2nd (and last) observation at 8:00 on Monday  (YIKES!)...this will be the first time I've been observed during a "5 minute Day", so we'll see how it goes.  Wednesday is our monthly Speech Meeting, which means doing just a tad bit of rearranging groups, and Friday morning is a meeting by parent request.  We have snow in the forecast for Wednesday, so, with any luck, maybe, just maybe I'll have a free day in there somewhere!
How was last week for  you?  Were you able to slide back into your schedule, or did you have to meet it straight on?

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