Therapy Week in Review: 12/13/2013

I wanted to write another post this week, but the inspiration just didn't hit me!  The end of the week posts are easy, since it's a review of what my students did in speech. epic fail for 5 minute day on Monday.  I saw this idea on Facebook (I should have written down where I saw it...if it's your idea, please let me know so I can give you credit!) and thought it would be perfect for Monday.  The kids should be able to get through this in 5 minutes, right?

Aaaaand, that would be a big fat "NO".  This little guy turned his paper around (it was supposed to be horizontal), so he could only fit 4 pictures on the bottom row.  They were supposed to make a Christmas Tree with their pictures.  I wasn't real sure what the problem was with them not getting through, but now that I look at the picture, it looks like this child didn't understand that he was supposed to color the whole paper green, not just the picture!  I ended up only doing this with 2 groups...1 group finished on Wednesday, working on it when it wasn't their turn; the other group finished on Friday.  In theory, it's a great idea.

My Kindergarten and First Grade groups played "Gingerbread Pirates" from Carrie's Speech Corner (FREE!).  We used Christmas erasers from the Dollar Tree as the game pieces.
Tuesday kicked off "There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell" (by Lucille Colandro) week.  For my artic groups, I read the book, and every time the students heard their sound in a word, they rang a bell. 
My preschooler fed the old lady the pictures, courtesy of Mindy Stenger, and then played bingo, which is included in the companion packet.  (My artic groups also played bingo after we read the book.)  

My language group played "Go Fish" using these cute Christmas Trees from Bright Ideas SLP (Christmas Comparison Freebie).

They also figured out the secret message in "Summarizing Elves" by Teach Speech 365 (FREE!).  I printed out the secret message page and downloaded the activity on the iPad. 
We even had time for a quick round of "Santa's Cookie Slam" by Pam Dahm (another FREEBIE!).

My Kindergarten group worked on concepts and following directions using "Listening for Basic Concepts All Year Round" (Linguisystems).  I had to modify the directions by breaking them up a little; I had the students get their correct color before giving them the rest of the directions.
Wednesday and Thursday we re-read "There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bell", and then played the game from the companion packet (referenced above):
One of my language students did "What's Inside the Gift Box" by Ms. Lilypad's primary pond(Another freebie!).  I downloaded it on my iPad to save ink.  
I kept my preschoolers busy on Wednesday!  I'm trying to go into the class on Mondays and do a whole-class activity, then pull them on Wednesday.  That is the day when all of the kids are there, and it gets a little crazy (and loud!) in there!  This activity is actually a writing activity, but both of my little guys are working on making complete sentences and increasing MLU, so this was a good activity for them:
 We also named the parts of a gingerbread man.

On Fridays I have 1 artic group.  I do the same activity for them that I did with my artic kids on Wednesdays.  The rest of the sessions are individual sessions:  AAC, apraxia, and "regular artic" (just because of their schedule).  My apraxic student & I played "Help Ollie Get Home for the Holidays" from Word to the Wise.   (Guess what???  It's FREE!)
We didn't pay attention to the words at the bottom of the cards (unless it told us to lose a turn or move up or back).  I have my game pieces in the Altoids tin.

I got some of the materials that I used this week from the TpT sponsored 2013 Winter Holidays Tips and Freebies.  There are some for Pre-K & K, Grades 1 & 2, and Grades 3-6.

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