Therapy Week in Review 12/06/13

I hope your week wasn't as stressful as mine!  A couple of things at work, and a flute choir concert on Thursday really contributed to headaches!  I am so happy that last week is behind me!'s what happened in my therapy rooms this week:
Monday: One of the stations during the 5 minute day was a Smartboard activity:
Tuesday:  I read "Bear Stays Up For Christmas" by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman.  For my first couple of groups, my artic students made a mark on a paper every time they heard their sound. 
 Then, I wised up a bit:  I took a form that I use for fluency tracking, took off the header and the word "date" from each block, and added some more squares.  This was a lot easier for the students to mark, and a whole lot easier to count how many marks they had!
This is a skill that all  of my students struggle with, even the 3rd & 4th graders, but it's a good skill to work on.
All of the students in my language group have a describing objective, so this activity was perfect.  The students picked a color, then gave me 3 descriptors for the word on the ornament.  If they were able to do that without any help, they put an ornament on the tree.
Thursday:  We continued with "Bear Stays Up For Christmas".  I read the book first, since I fragmented it when I was reading on Tuesday so the kids could mark their paper when they heard their sounds.  Then, we played Bear Hunt, taken from the companion packet from SLP Gone Wild.
My language group also played this game, but we used the vocabulary words from the book (provided by SLP Gone Wild in her companion packet) as the stimuli.  The students had to use the word in a sentence as it pertained to the book.
I had a couple of new walk-in preschoolers on Thursday.  One of them came with a preschooler that I had already been seeing, and the other one came by herself.  With both groups, I read the same book the other groups read, but we played "Chipper Chat" instead:
I was a little concerned about how the person who lost was going to react, but it ended up as a tie!  Good day all around!

Friday:  What a crazy day!  The rain, 2 meetings, and field trips all contributed to a much needed day of playing "catch up"!  I had a couple of preschool walk-ins... Guess what book we read?  Yep, "Bear Stays Up for Christmas"!  Then, after they said their targets, they told me which foam sticker they wanted to put on their foam Christmas Tree.  I got these last year at the Dollar Tree.
(You'll see these again next week when I use it for basic concepts with a couple of preschoolers!)
I'm completely on my own next week, and I'm pretty stoked about it!  Next week is the last full week of school before the holidays...the countdown is ON!

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