Wednesday Waffs

I almost didn't write this post this week, but luckily a couple of people came through for me yesterday!

~  While reading "Bear Stays Up For Christmas", we talked about some of the words that the students didn't know.  One of those words was "bustle".  When asked what it meant, one student said, "put some muscle into it".

~  A Kindergarten Student had his last day at our school yesterday due to a move.  He had been telling his teacher for a few weeks that he was moving, so when he told her  yesterday, she asked when he was moving, since he had been telling her that for weeks.  When he told her that it was his last day, she said, "Please don't tell me that.  You're going to make me cry!"  He responded in total seriousness, (think of a student saying this with a Spanish accent)  "You cry like a little baby!"

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