#InstaSLP Roundup

Jenn at Crazy Speech World and Jenna at Speech Room News get us going every month with some fellowship between SLPs all over the country, if not the world, with #InstaSLP.  This month's agenda:

Just in case you missed it, or don't follow me on instagram (@tnslp), here are my submissions for the week:
Monday:  When I'm at home, my favorite mug from Starbucks gets me going.  In the background, I have my espresso/coffee maker that my husband gave me a few Christmases ago.  I don't use the espresson/cappuccino side very often, but it makes a killer hot chocolate using steamed milk! 
Tuesday:  I don't have very many "indoor" scarves (in fact, I only have 1...not counting a Christmas scarf that one of my sisters made for me), but I love this scarf.  It was a cheapie from Walmart:
I took it off right after I took the picture; it was a bit too warm to wear it that morning.  But, I needed it that afternoon when the snow was pouring down!

Wednesday:  We had a "snow day", although there wasn't any snow at my house.  That's a good thing about working for a county that has mountains in it:  Sometimes areas in the county have snow when the rest of us don't!
I took these pictures on Friday, when I got back to my MWF school:

That's pretty much the extent of my winter decorations!  I have the snowflakes scattered on the walls on both of my schools.

Thursday:  I winged therapy that day with "Snowman Battles" from Crazy Speech World's "Open-Ended Winter Games", especially since my January notebook was at my other school. The kids really liked it!
By Friday, I didn't even think about what the subject for the day was!  So, I'll throw in something from the past.  This was taken on my drive to my "mountain school" one morning.  I love the view those mornings when I head toward the mountain.  (When it's not dark, that is!)

I can't wait to see what they come up with next!

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