Feeble Attempt

Since we only had school 1 day last week (early dismissal on Tuesday), I have a very feeble attempt at what I did in therapy last week.  Or, should I say, on Monday.
The COTA & I are trying to do a craftivity with our preschool class once a month.  This month, I read "Snowmen at Night" by Caroline Bruehner, and we made these cute snowmen that I saw on Pinterest:
We used real buttons for the buttons, googly eyes,foam for the scarf & hat, construction paper for the nose, and linguini for the arms.  That's what happens when you wait until the night before to look back to see what you need.  You end up looking in the pantry for something to use!

My other groups had "5 Minute Day".  For their independent activity, they looked through circulars and found pictures of 5 things that had their sound in it.  This activity was inspired by Crazy Speech World's Speech Igloos.  
For some reason, my kids really like doing this.  They were going to take it home on Wed. for their homework, but since we weren't in school, they'll take it home this Wed.
That was my day of therapy last week!    I'm ready to get back on a schedule; I start off the day with a 7:15 meeting, so I'll hit the ground running.

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