Therapy Week in Review: 02/07/14

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We had a whole week of school, and it felt like a very long week!  
I go into the developmental preschool classroom on Mondays and do a class lesson.  This week we read "Snowman, Snowman, What do you See?" on the Smartboard, courtesy of Chapel Hill Snippets.  This was really neat, because the kids touch the winter item that's named in the story, and if they choose the correct one, it spins and makes a noise.

Then, we played "Sneezy the Snowman: Hot or Cold Sorting" by Bright Ideas SLP (FREE!).  I didn't read the book (since I don't have it!), but it goes well with any snowman story.

I continued with the "Snowmen at Night" (Caralyn Buehner) theme since last week was a very short week.  We did the following activities from the "Snowmen at Night Companion Book" by For His Glory:
With my younger kids (Kindergarten and some of my first graders), we played "Snowflake Roundup".  There are words on some of the snowflakes, but I didn't do anything with them.
 My older kids played "Snowman Race" after sequencing the story, which is part of a free packet from Schoolhouse Talk :
My preschool walk-in kids put together the snowman in the craftivity that's included in the packet.  I grabbed some pictures from my boxes, and was able to find pictures of words that they had trouble with.  We glued those on, and had something for them to take home for practice!
(This little guy wanted his nose this way instead of sideways!)
For the pull-out preschoolers on Wednesday, we completed the following activities:
I sent them home with instructions so the parents could review.  The top activity is not from the packet.  It is from the "Cut, Sort & Glue! Activities for the ENTIRE Year!" from Miss Speechie.  I use them to work on MLU and complete sentences.
Other activities I used from the packet but didn't take pictures of:  comprehension questions and following directions.  There are a couple of other activities that I didn't use because I didn't have time; maybe next year!
My 4th grade language group has dwindled down to 1.  On Tuesday we worked on inferences from Inferencing:  Using Context Clues to Infer Meaning by Cindy Karwowski.  Before we did that, we did a quick round from the  "Between the Lines" app by Hamaguchi as a warm up.  
On Thursday, the student read the fact cards from Crazy Speech World's "Arctic and Antarctic Animal Language Comprehension" packet.  We had some excellent discussions, and this student is beginning to ask what words mean!

For my 5 minute day, I used the cards from Fishyrobb's "Winter Word Wall Read and Write the Room Activities".  I scored this for free (it's regularly $2) during a Facebook Frenzy, and thought it would be perfect for a 5 minute day!  I taped the words around the room, and the student found them, wrote them down, and then circled the ones that had his sound in it.
The meteorologists are calling for possible bad weather again during next week, so there's a possibility we won't be in school for a whole week (again).  I'm torn between doing something for the Olympics or Valentine's.  Not many of my kids are even aware that the Olympics have started, or even what they are, so I'm leaning that way.  Which way are you going with your lessons next week?

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