Love it and List it: Fluency 

Time for the Love It & List It Linky Party!  This month is all about Fluency.  It's rare when I have a fluency student, but when I do, these are my "Go To" products:

~Fluency Criterion Program:  This program is great for teaching Easy Speaking Voice (ESV).  It starts with words beginning with vowels, then goes through phrases & sentences.  After that, you teach the student how to use "light contact" with consonants.  

~Easy Does It for Fluency is another "go to" product.  I  start using this after the easy contact phases of Fluency Criterion Program.  I have the materials printed out and laminated.  The activities are great to use for language, too.

~  There is an app called "Fluently" that I really wanted to try out on one of my students, since this is the first dysfluent student I've had "after iPad", but unfortunately it isn't working!  I contacted the developers; he got back to me pretty quickly, but we weren't able to resolve the problem.  I'm hoping for an update soon so I can use it!  When the student has an "irregularity", the green button turns red.

That's pretty much all I've got in the way of fluency.  I do a "spot check" at the end of every 9 weeks:  I record the student in conversational speech, then go back and record the total number of syllables and the number of stuttered syllables.  I made this quick tracking chart to use to help me with that:
(The chart actually looks a lot better than what is shown here.)
The chart is really easy to make on Excel.  I use 25 blocks/line to make it easy to count the total number of syllables.
And now, a "shameless plug":  I've noticed that there are several of us speech bloggers who write a "Peek at My Week" or "Week in Review" on Fridays. I thought it would be a lot more convenient to readers if we have them in one place.  I contacted Teach Speech 365 to suggest that she host a weekly linky, but she ended up giving me her blessing to host one on my blog.  And, Jenna was nice enough allow me to plug the linky through her linky!  The linky will be up every week on Fridays at 12:01 a.m., except for the week that we have "Love It & List It", then it will go up on 12:01 a.m. on Saturday. You can join in any time during the week until Wednesday night at 11:59 p.m. We'll see how it goes!  

Now, hurry over to Speech Room News' new digs and join in the party!


  1. I have the same issue with the Fluently app! It is so frustrating because I had a middle school student move in from another school district. He said he was using it at his last school, and he liked it. We've tried disappointing!

  2. I really Like the tracking chart! I haven't tried the Fluently app! I will have to wait until it works out!


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