Therapy Week in Review

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5 Minute Day:
Roll & Cover  by "Let's Talk Speech Therapy" was the main center, along with a Listening Center (Articulate It! on the iPad).  This is one of 3 pages in the "Christmas & Winter Roll-and-Cover".
 With my 4-member groups, I used "Build a Snowman" from the "Holiday and Seasonal Chipper Chat" from Super Duper.

For my inclusion activity, I read "The Jacket I Wear in the Snow" by Shirley Neitzel. Then, I used "What to Wear in the Snow" by Teaching Preschoolers to work on yes/no, and vocabulary.  
My little preschool group is working on producing complete sentences, increasing MLU, as well as thematic vocabulary.  I've discovered Emerging Readers are perfect for working on this.  They're also perfect for sending home for the parents to work on with them, as well.  This week, I used the Emerging Reader "Dressed for Snow" by  First, I read each page ("I put on my (winter clothing word") and they found that item, then glued it on the sheet.  After we did that, we started at the beginning and they "read" it using complete sentences.  
We also completed: "How Will I Keep Warm" by Maggie's Kinder Corner.  The kids verbally identified each item, then glued the label in the appropriate place.  It was also sent home for the parents to go over it with them.
After they worked so hard with those activities, we worked on basic concepts on the Smartboard:
This was a super-cute activity that I found on "Smart Exchange".  For "behind", the monkey actually goes behind the chair.  
With my First Grade Groups on Tuesday, they scanned their vocabulary & spelling words (that I had made QR Codes for) and decided if that word had their sound in it.  If it did, they wrote that word in a cherry. (From "Listening for Articulation All Year 'Round" by Brenda Brumbaugh)
My walk-in preschooler played "Diggity Dog".  This is a great game to pull out for any age student.  I had to try "Don't Rock the Boat" again, but this time with the 2nd graders.  Putting the penguins around the ceneter worked much better, and I remembered to take a picture before I took it out of the box so I could remember how the wave fit in with the ship!

My upper elementary language student played "Language Adventures" from Smarty Ears. (Bottom pictures of the collage)  Since one of her objectives is inferencing, this was perfect for her.  After she chose her answers, she had to tell me the clues in the paragraph that led her to the answer.

Game Day:  
My first group on Wed. didn't really have a "game day" this week. I used the cherry page in the picture above.  I read "Mrs. Toggle's Zipper" by Robin Pulver and R.W. Alley, and as the students heard /r/ words, they wrote them in the cherries.  
Other groups played the open ended game from the companion packet for "The Jacket I Wear in the Snow" from Miss Speechie.

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