Stick a Fork in This Week

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Well, it looks like this work week is done after only 2 days.  Craziness.  We had a snow day yesterday, but the roads didn't get troubling until last night.  Better safe than sorry, right?
I was torn between doing Valentine's Day Activities or moving on to the Olympics, especially since we're out on Monday for Presidents' Day.  Valentine's won out!

On Monday, for 5 Minute Day Center Activities, one center was to fill in the hearts with a paint dauber or crayons (their choice).  The dauber was everyone's choice, probably because it's different, and most of my students are boys.  They said their target 3x (or did their straw exercise), rolled the dice, and "daubed" on that number of hearts.  I made the sheet just by using a Word Document and pasting the heart shape (found by "inserting shapes" and choosing the heart) in rows.
Another center was to complete a word search.  This one is from "Seasonal Artic Word Searches" from Super Duper.  The kids used a pink highlighter to highlight their words.  I could have had them take the sheet home for homework, but I had already printed off sheets for this week.  The picture on the right is a poster from Twin Sisters Speech that I had up on the Smartboard.  You can get yours free here.

The COTA planned an activity for the Developmental Preschool after I read "Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse" by Laura Numeroff & Felicia Bond.  They cut out half of a heart from a folded coffee filter, then made designs on them using pink, purple, and red markers.  Then, they sprayed water on them to create neat designs.  

We worked on concepts, following directions, recall, saying complete sentences, and answering "wh" questions during this activity.

On Tuesday, we played a Valentine's Game because I had a feeling we wouldn't be in school on Thursday.  This game was a non-competitive game from "Troll in a Bowl" (which, sadly, is no longer in existence).
The premises is that Romeo has chocolates for Juliet, and the mailman has to jump on the stones to deliver them.  He'd better watch out, because if he falls into the water the crocodile will get a treat...and I don't mean the chocolates!  There are small cards with a balloon, banana, or Juliet on them.  (I put these in the empty tissue box so they can't see what they're pulling out.)  If they get a banana, the mailman goes down 1 stone, a balloon-he gets to move up, and Juliet-he moves over.  The kids are trying to get the mailman to Juliet before he falls into the water.
Honestly, if any of you TpT'ers out there could make some games like this, you'd make a KILLING!  The kids work as a team so everybody wins or loses, and they really love these games!
It was a short week, but there was a whole lot going on!  We've worked a whopping 1 complete week in 2014 so far.  Crazy, indeed!

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