Wednesday Waffs

I've been saving several funnies up so I would have enough for a post!  Enjoy!

~  A fourth grader was "tidying up" for me.  She said, "What?  I like to tidy up, just like my grandmother.  She's in a nursing home but she always cleans up, even though she's not allowed to."  (So I immediately think dementia or Alzheimers, thinking she's not allowed to because she puts things where they don't belong, or wanders into other patients' rooms and cleans up.  It turns out that she's not allowed to because she's a risk for falling.)

~  A student that has autism was in my room the other day.  He was answering in a very loud voice.  I looked at him and said quietly, "I'm right here."  He continued in a loud voice.  I repeated, "I'm right here."  He looked at me, grinned, and said, "I know.  I see you!"  I had to explain that I meant that he was too loud and needed to speak quietly.  We're already working on inferences, so I guess there's more to do in that area!

~  A First Grader told me that one of the male teachers likes a lot of the "womans" in the school.  Oh, and one more thing:  He's married to Lady Gaga.

~  While reading "Snowmen at Night" by Carolyn Buehner, when we came to the page where the snowmen are on the ice, a student said, "When the ice melts, wouldn't it turn to black ice?"

What funny/interesting things have your students said lately?

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