Love It & List It: Behavior Management

(Update: 09/10/2016: Look for a new post soon. Since this post, the stickers are gone from my room!
This month's theme is Behavior.  Big thanks to Jenna at The Speech Room News for hosting linky every month!
The behavior management system I use is my "tried & true" system.  I've tweaked it here and there over the past 29 years, but it's basically the same:
At the beginning of the year, I use my "Super Duper Job Slips" (from Pick a Peck of Lessons by Kathy Shurley):
Each student starts out with 5; if I have to tell them more than once to follow procedures, I start taking them away for every infraction.  I don't say anything, just take 1 away.   They have to have at least 1 left to get a sticker on their sticker chart From Super Duper's . (He can earn an extra sticker by bringing his homework back with a helper's signature.)
If he loses all of his slips (I warn them before taking the last one), he gets a "sad face" instead of a sticker.  When the row is completed with stickers (and no sad faces), he earns a trip to the prize box.  (I get mine from Super Duper.)   If he has a sad face, then he doesn't get a prize. 
I realize that this isn't "positive reinforcement", but it works.  I had a coworker tell me that she had a very unruly group, and once she tried the slips, she didn't have any more trouble out of them.
Usually after about a month I don't have to get the slips out, but the students will still ask for them.  If a group starts getting rowdy, all I have to do is ask if I need to get the Super Job Slips back out, and they whip back into shape!
I started something different with my 4th & 5th graders this year.  I found these cash incentives (by MrWatts) as a freebie on TpT:
When I had groups of 4th graders (I don't have any 5th graders on my caseload right now), the group had to get $6 x the number of students in the group to earn either free time on the iPad or a trip to the prize box (their choice).  So, if I had 3 students in the group, they had to earn $18.  I chose 6 as the magic number because, on the sticker charts, 6 stickers had to be earned to go to the prize box.
To alleviate any arguments about whose turn it is to go first (on game days), I put an asterisk beside that person on my data sheet.  I rotate it, so everybody has a fair chance to go first.  If a student is absent on that day, I move it to the next person.
I ran into a Resource Teacher that I used to work with, and she told me about using a rain gauge with one of her students.  She happened to have a picture on her phone, and was nice enough to send it to me so I could include it in this post!  (Thanks, Janice!!!)
 When the gauge is filled up with poms, the student earns his prize, whatever has been decided on.  I thought it was a great idea!

Don't forget to go to The Speech Room News and see what everybody else is doing for behavior management!

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