Wednesday Waffs

Here are a few things that I heard/saw this week:

From Oh the Places We'll Go Elementary Resources:

I told a group of 1st graders on Monday that I would be giving them their homework that day since I had to do some preschool testing on Wed., and we were off on Friday.  One of the girls in the group said, "Yeah, because it's Fabulous Friday"; to which I responded, "You mean Good Friday"?  

I went to get a 4th grader since she didn't come on her own.  I told her "I was waiting and waiting, but didn't come."  She then patted my arm and whispered, "I'm sorry I took your time!"

I hope at least one of these made you smile, even if it was just a little!

"When they stop making me laugh, I'll know it's time to get out!"

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