Week in Review: 04/18/2014

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What a week!  I was going to say that this week flew by, but then I remembered that it was only a 4-day week!

   5 Minute Day
As almost always, I had a listening station for auditory bombardment.  Articulate It! (Smarty Ears)  is great to use for this!
One station did the following activity from Easter Roll & Covers (FREE from Carrie Manchester):
They took these home for homework.
Another station (for my 4-people groups) used this gem from 3 Dinosaurs:

  Preschool Inclusion
"There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick" (Lucille Colandro, Jared D. Lee)  was read to the class, and then we worked on vocabulary and requesting with foam shapes:
I had everything all set for the session:  I separated all of the stickers out according to color & shape, and had "My First AAC" (Injini) all ready for the activity:
  Preschool Pull-out
We read "Splat the Cat:  Where's the Easter Bunny?" (Rob Scotton) and targeted basic concepts.  They decided what pictures went with the bunny and the chick, using "Cut, Sort, & Glue" (Miss Speechie). 
 We also had an egg hunt, finding the eggs and telling where they were found.
Finally,we used the Smartboard to follow directions and put the eggs in the appropriate place (also targeting basic concepts):

 Game Day:
One of my students mentioned that he wanted to play Bingo, so we played the Bingo Game from "There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick- Language Pack" from Mindy Stenger.

I got this idea from Busy Bee Speech and modified it just a little.  I have a couple of students with whom I'm using "Word Flips" (Rhonda Granger; Super Duper, Inc.).   I have them attempt the bilabials 5 times.  They are only 3 & 5, so it can be a little tedious for them.  So, I put 5 stickers on a craft stick, and used 1 stick per target.  Having that visual of how many they had to do and how many had already been done seemed to help.  After they attempted the target 5 times, they put the stick in the "trash can".

Only 4 more whole weeks!!!  How many do you have?

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  1. I love this stickers on the stick idea from Busy Bee Speech! I will have to try that with my little ones :)


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