How Do You Use It: Clothespins

Oh, boy!  Another Linky!!!  Speech Time Fun has a great idea:  She comes up with everyday items that we use in our therapy room, and we share how we use that item.  This month it's Clothespins.
I don't actually use clothespins while doing therapy, but I do use them with my visual reinforcement.  This past year, I glued "cool dudes" ("Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Design") on them at one school, and used paw prints (Graphics from the Pond")the other school (since they are the tiger cubs).
This is a variation of Nicole's (Speech Peeps) idea.  As the student goes through the different stages of artic therapy, he gets to move his cool dude or paw up to the next level.  I wrote each child's initials on his dude/paw with a dry erase marker so they can be used again next year.
I saw some really cool clothespins at Michael's about a month ago, but didn't get any because I didn't have a plan for them.  I'm definitely going to go back and get some for my new "old" school next year.
Want to get some fresh ideas?  Check out other ideas at Speech Time Fun.

~Addendum:  After seeing The Speech Ladies' post on clothespins, I realized that it's their idea that I stole borrowed!  Thanks, Ladies! :) 


  1. Those artic hierarchy strips are super cute! What a great idea. I just have a piece of paper in their folder that shows stair steps...boring! How do you monitor if they are working on more than one sound and at different levels?

    1. I have them pick out a different color. Surprisingly, they can remember what color is which sound!

  2. great idea!! thanks for linking up!!


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