Custom Boards App Review: Devices & Switches and other things

It's been over a week since I reviewed Custom Boards:  Activities & Games, so I figured I'd better jump back into Old School Speech and review some other aspects of this wonderful app that Smarty Ears was so incredibly nice to give me.
Just to review:  The home screen:
Tap on "New", and this screen will come up:

There are 33 different devices & switches from which to choose:

For the sake of this review, I chose  the "Buddy Button".
I discussed choosing an image in my previous post:  Activities & Games, so I won't go through the whole explanation again!  It's very user friendly, but if you can't figure it out, click here to review!  One aspect that I didn't go over is being able to use the "search" box to find the picture you want.  The only drawback I found when using the search box is that when I typed in "no", I got every word that had the letters "n" & "o" together in it.  I wasn't able to refine my search to only find the word "no".
I found the yes/no pictures I wanted to use, and...voila!
Another aspect I failed to mention in the previous post is the "lock screen" button:
Click on the lock and slide to lock the screen.  This will come in handy if you are using the actual app during therapy with a student; there's no way anything can be changed on that screen if it's locked.  To unlock it, just touch the lock and slide.
Saving your board is the same as with Activities & Games, which makes things very easy!  (Again, if you need more of an explanation, see my previous post.)
Don't see the board you want in "Devices & Switches"?  They've got you covered!  Going back to the "New" screen, click on "Grids & Boards" and you can find the one you want.

With 26 choices, you should be able to find the one you want to use. You could use your imagination and use these for other activities as well.  
Or, if you're like me and just can't get the creative juices flowing, check out the options for Worksheets:

Need schedules or calendars?  
What about signs & labels?
The sky is the limit with this app.  Honestly, the only thing I could find that I would change is the ability to refine searches.  It's so versatile, and Smarty Ears has developed it so you can use your own creativity to do whatever you want.  
Going back to the "Choice" screen:
Look in the top right corner.  There is a gray button with "Blank  Slate" on it, and a tan button with a file cabinet.  I think we all know that the file cabinet allows you to access your archived boards.  When you touch "Blank Slate", you have the choice of "landscape" or "portrait":
Once you choose the layout, the possibilities are endless by using the 3 options in the bottom left of the screen. (This is the screen after I touched the button with the jewels.)

This app almost makes me excited for summer to be over.  (Notice I said, "almost"!)
Do you have this app?  If so, what ways have you found to use it?

Again, I would like to profusely thank Smarty Ears for allowing me the chance to use this app in return for a review!

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