What's in Your Cart? Linky Party

Jenna at Speech Room News is hosting another Linky Party!  Luckily I saw this post come through my email, because I was oblivious to the Back to School TpT sale going on Monday & Tuesday (the 4th & 5th).
I love these sales:  It's a time to whittle down that wish list, get fresh materials for my students, and save money at the same time!  Here's what in my cart:
(Click on the image to be taken directly to the product.)

Where's the Leaf?  A Game of Spatial Concepts     Harvest Acres: Expressive Language Activities for Fall     Fall Early Language File Folder Activities!     

Into the Woods Language Games - Directions, Basic Concepts     Magic Potion Madness {an open ended game}     Inferring and Predicting with Figurative Language

I feel pretty sure the list will grow after I see what everyone else has in their carts!

Help Encouraged!

I spent 3 hours at my new/old school today.  I got all of my boxes unpacked and in shelves; now all I have to do is organize.
(This is not all of my stuff...I was about half-way through when I took this picture.)
There was stuff in the room that was there when I got there 5 years ago.  so, I pulled everything out and put them on tables.  I'm planning on emailing the teachers and telling them to go by and help themselves.

I put on gloves and cleaned out under the sink.  Everything under there was science related, since my room was a Science Room.
Here's where I need your help.  I made a video to best illustrate:
And a P.S.
I have no idea why, in that last video, I ended it like I was talking on the phone!  I hope I didn't make you too sea-sick with my amateur video.
While I was talking with the custodian, I had the brilliant idea to move the short cabinet next to my desk & put the printer on there.  That will free up space on my desk.
Please, please, please!  If you have any suggestions, don't be shy!
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