Help Encouraged!

I spent 3 hours at my new/old school today.  I got all of my boxes unpacked and in shelves; now all I have to do is organize.
(This is not all of my stuff...I was about half-way through when I took this picture.)
There was stuff in the room that was there when I got there 5 years ago.  so, I pulled everything out and put them on tables.  I'm planning on emailing the teachers and telling them to go by and help themselves.

I put on gloves and cleaned out under the sink.  Everything under there was science related, since my room was a Science Room.
Here's where I need your help.  I made a video to best illustrate:
And a P.S.
I have no idea why, in that last video, I ended it like I was talking on the phone!  I hope I didn't make you too sea-sick with my amateur video.
While I was talking with the custodian, I had the brilliant idea to move the short cabinet next to my desk & put the printer on there.  That will free up space on my desk.
Please, please, please!  If you have any suggestions, don't be shy!


  1. Wow! You really have a nice big room!!! Not sure where you will be putting your desk but I would decorate the smaller board with my theme and maybe display your credentials there is some jazzy way!!! But the larger white board I would get some washi tape and maybe grid out a calendar or make it some type of active board that will either display work or the students can look up there for reminders or something like that!! I know if you look on Pinterest.... you are sure to find something that will fit your personality!! :-)

    1. I like the idea of using Washi Tape on the large white board...THANKS!

  2. Your room is huge! You could make theme centers. If you are working on a farm unit you could have one area set up with all the items and materials for it. Then rotate it out for new units. Also look at this site for some fun decorating ideas-

    1. I know! Isn't it enormous??? Thanks for the ideas and the link!


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