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Jenna came up with this linky after going to garage sales & thrift stores.  I've gone into Goodwill a few times, and felt like I needed to take a shower when I got out of there!  Seriously, I was afraid to touch anything!  Except, I did have to snag this, even though there were only 3 balls included:
Cranium Cariboo
It's still down in my basement.  I need to clean it up, sterilize it, and figure out how to play it since it seems like a hot game!  The lady was going to charge me $5 for it, but I told her it was missing some pieces and was really dirty (I could feel the dirt & mold on it...I told you I had to clean & sterilize it!) & I wouldn't pay more than $2 for it, so that's how much I paid.
There is a Christian-based thrift store where I got these for $1.50 each:

BIG bonus:  I didn't have to clean them, and all the pieces are there!  The Rummikub is for camping, not therapy. 
I found these books at a "Friends of the Library" sale & paid $2.50 for all of them:

And, this wasn't at a Thrift Store, but Dollar General has these for $4:
Those were my big finds over the past year.  What did you find?
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