Screening Funnies

All of the Kindergarten Screenings for my school system have been done!  We are divided into teams, and then the teams descend on a school, sweep into a class, and get them done in no time.  We use the PLS-4 Screen, and are transitioning to the PLS-5 Screen.  Here are just a few funnies we heard this week:
~ If I touch something that is cold, I could say, "It's as cold as a ______"
                 Naked dog

~ I screened a boy named Jack, and when I said, "Jack shared a cookie with his brother", Jack said, "I don't have a brother.  I have a sister." Once I explained that it was a different Jack, he was fine.

~  Which doesn't belong:  a carrot, shirt, shorts, dress.  The boy answered correctly, and I followed up with, "You don't wear a carrot, do you?" The boy answered back with, "But snowmans wear carrots."

~ It's as cold as a _______
    Snowy winter with a seal in it  (this was by the same boy from the previous statement)

~  During the articulation portion, the SLP kept asking the child to repeat what she said.  Finally, the girl said, "You might want to get your hearing checked.  My mama said you could do it."

Hope you enjoyed these.  I'm still laughing, so I guess it's not time to retire yet!

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