Organizing Mass Screening Results

I have to admit:  I get a little OCD with my mass screening results. I write down every error a child has, and then go back and recheck the developmental errors...even if /ɵ, ð/ are the only errors. Keeping track of the errors and the rechecks isn't that difficult. You just have to be organized and document.
(Reminder:  To see the forms in a larger view, click on the form.)
After I finish my mass screenings (we only mass screen Kindergarten students), I go through the forms and find the students with errors or questionable language skills.  I record the results on this form:

Then, I notify the teacher of the students with difficulties and my plan of action on this form:
After that, I record the students who need to be rescreened during the school year on a form that has the students' names, their teachers, and errors. I put an "X" in the month when I will rescreen:
(I keep this in my therapy notebook so I don't forget to rescreen.)
For those students who will be rechecked at the beginning of the following year, their information goes on a different form:

When I worked in SC, we notified the parents before screenings so they could opt out.  We would then notify them of the results.  We aren't required to do that in my current school system, but I have chosen to notify the parents after the screening. This is only the second year I've done it, but it does seem to cut down on the amount of phone calls from parents that I previously received.  For those children who had no difficulty, this letter goes home:
(There are a few things I want to change on this letter, like add the student's name & the date he was screened.)
Those students who had difficulty get this letter:
I will also write on the form when I will recheck the child, and highlight either that they will be monitored, or will be given an evaluation packet. Again, I am thinking about changing this form a little bit.
The bottom line:  Using this system, I have very few students who fall through the cracks in my schools, especially in the school I have served for quite a few years.
If you would like any of the forms, please email me at I would be more than happy to email them to you.

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