I Heart to Organize Speechy Things!

I'm joining in on Sparklle SLP's "I http://www.sparklleslp.blogspot.com/2014/09/i-heart-to-organize-speechy-things-linky_2.html#comment-form to organize speech things!  Linky" As SLPs, I think it's in our nature to be organizers.  After all, there are so many things we have to organize! I gave you a peek into my room with this post, so now here's a closer look:
I found a little metal "basket" at the dollar store last year.  They were perfect for keeping my clothespins for my Artic Ladder; I kept the basket on my desk at my previous MWF school. The only problem with my new/old school is that I didn't have anywhere to put it since it didn't fit on the whiteboard. I have coat hooks on the wall (just to the right of the board in the above picture), and had some ribbon left over.  This was my "aha" moment:

I didn't take pictures of the insides of my cabinets, so I'll just tell you how I organized them:
The white cabinet is kind of my "catch-all" cabinet. It really isn't very organized!  It's also my "overflow" cabinet: I have a few games in there that didn't fit in the cabinet adjoining it. In the cabinet that's against the wall (by itself), I have my arts & crafts supplies (glue, crayons, markers), as well as my PECS materials & treasure box. On the other side of the white cabinet, I have a lot of construction paper. I have no idea how many years it's been in there! The other side of the adjoining cabinet has my seasonal room decorations.
Just to the other side of the 2 adjoining cabinets, I have some built in shelves that I have put shower curtains over.

The shelf on the end holds binders with TpT materials, as well as some boxes with monthly activities in them:
The middle shelf holds TpT cards and more monthly boxes of materials:
And, the first shelf holds my books, along with a basket of toys:
I started organizing the books according to categories, but then I got sidetracked.  It's still on my list, though!
Back to this picture:
The gray cabinet houses my testing materials & audiometer; 1 of the black file cabinets is the psychologist's.  The other black file cabinet houses my work folders, as well as materials that I have in folders. I also have my fluency materials in a drawer there. The remaining file cabinet has my inactive work folders.  The other 3 drawers are pretty empty.

It was pretty easy for me to organize the room since I have a lot of space! I'm looking forward to seeing how other SLPs organize their space!

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  1. Thanks for linking up! Love the basket for sure. What a neat and organized room. Makes me smile!


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