Week in Review 10/31/14

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Happy Halloween! The only think I don't like about October is that I have waaaay too many activities to do to manage to use everything!  Here's how I wrapped up Halloween this week:

5-Minute Day:
For my independent center, I used the bat page from Speech Room News' companion packet for There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat (Lucille Colandro). 

Lower Language:
I read Bat Jamboree  (Kathi Apelt), then used Batty Associations (Teach Speech 365) to go along with it. It was a perfect pairing!
I brought in some leaves for another student so we could act out the book Fresh Fall Leaves  (Betsy Franco) to work on verbs. Then, I read Jungle Halloween (Maryann Cocca-Leffler). If you're not familiar with this book, there's a lot of rhyming and vocabulary. At the beginning of the book, the animals are "hiding", so there was an opportunity to work on the carrier phrase, "I see a ____" as well as answering "where" questions.
She answered yes/no questions from Miss Speechie's Witch's Hat Yes/No Questions with Visuals  (Free!). Then, I took it a step further and made the following sentence using Custom Boards from Smarty Ears (best app ever!). After she answered all of the questions, I pulled out the "yes" questions. The "yes" pictures are stapled in a stack on the sheet so she can flip through the pictures while she's practicing at home.
We finished off the week with Where is the Pumpkin??? ( Sara Munsterman) to work on concepts. I modified the book to target on and under.
She found what the witch wants using Structured Sentence Building (Queen's Speech) and using the carrier phrase The witch wants a _____.

Middle Language:
I have a couple of students who are in 1st - 2nd grades who have difficulty with social language. Miss Speechie's Good Witch vs. Bad Witch (Free!) was perfect for them.
Upper Language:
Since my students are really having difficulty with idioms, we continued using some of the Halloween Idioms (Speech Room News). I paired this with Magic Potion Madness (Mia McDaniel).

On Monday/Tuesday for my Kindergarten and students I see individually, I used the "bat page" (see the 5-minute day activity). We used it to see who could color all of their bats first. 
Zombie Out (Dean Trout's Little Shop of SLP) was a huge hit on Wednesday/Thursday!
My Kindergarten Students stuck foam stickers on a Halloween Foam Board after saying their target.
I just about panicked Wed. night when I realized that I forgot to bring the foam shapes & stickers to my mountain school for my Kinders & walk-in, but then I remembered Crazy Speech World's post on a pumpkin craftivity
My preschooler read Spookley (Joe Troiana and Susan Banta), and then we made Spookley pumpkins and put targeted words in them.
This was a little bit of a repeat from last week, using Sublime's Speech Spooky Speech Halloween Articulation Lists and Activities (another free item!) and LyndaSLP123's Fall Themed Open Ended Articulation and Language Worksheets. I actually used some sheets from this packet last week...I just gave someone else credit! (Sorry, LyndaSLP123!)

For my language kids working on idioms, I used some of the idioms from the cards used during the activity, and made a worksheet with some of the ones that were giving them trouble.

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  1. Thanks for hosting this linky! Looks like you guys had a fun filled week :)


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