Favorite Posts of the Month: October

After I read Playing with Words 365's post Fall and Halloween Speech and Language Roundup, I decided to start writing monthly posts on my favorite blog posts that I read throughout the month. This is mainly so I can remember the posts that I read that had great ideas in therapy. I wasn't sure where I could store them so I'd have them at my fingertips, and then I thought that maybe other SLPs would like to have them as well. So, here you have it: the first Favorite Posts of the Month!

Obviously, the first post has to be the one I mentioned in the opening sentence. Oh.My.Gosh. I have no idea how long it took Katie to compile all of those activities, not to mention putting the pictures in a collage, but I'm really glad she did! From books, to activities, to songs, it's a "1-stop shopping" for SLPs!
 Link to me!
Speech Room News: Go Away Big Green Monster. I had never heard of this book, but Jenna has some cute activities to go along with it. She even has a couple of freebies through Boardmaker Share.
Teach Speech 365: Another Halloween Round-up!
Another great idea by Teach Speech 365: Tear off Ads as Homework or Carryover. She's even included a freebie! There are several /r/ pages included, as well as a blank page to write your own words.
Speech 2U has this great idea in her post Jenga: Quicker Clean Up. Why didn't I think of that?
School SLP
School SLP reviewed The Monster Diaries (Juciano Saracino, Poly Bernatene) and had a great therapy activity in Wild About Books Wednesday post from 10/22/14.
Speech is Sweet
Speech is Sweet: any of her Wild about Books linky posts are worth checking on. I've started keeping a list of books that I need to put in my rotation. Her post from 22 October includes a freebie for the book  Where's My Mummy?  ( Carolyn Crimi).

What posts did I miss that are your favorites?


  1. So smart! That is exactly why I started blogging, to help my brain remember and organize ideas! You are genius! Linky in the future??

  2. I love this idea! (Thanks for the shout out too!)


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