One for the Good Guys!

When you get great customer service, you just have to let people know! Last week, I had a major problem with my Custom Boards app from Smarty Ears. Apparently other people were having the same issue, because there was an update. That steam-rolled into more problems with the minor iPad update along with the Custom Boards update.
As soon as I opened the app, it would crash. I deleted the app several times but got the same result. I sent an email to customer support, and received a fairly quick response. I spent Friday night resetting my iPad, but I made the mistake of using the back-up to reinstall everything, which meant the app didn't work. So...I took drastic measures & reset my iPad to factory settings. I reinstalled the app, held my breath, and got the same results. I sent another message to customer support and sent more information about my iPad.
Jonathon came through for me! It turns out it was an easy fix. I had to go to the iCloud settings and turn off the ability to store in the iCloud, and it worked! 
I was starting to panic a bit, because I had a couple of things to do for a student over the weekend. I mentioned that in my email, and I'm not sure if he would have worked on it on a Saturday anyway. I was very impressed that I got the solution over the weekend.
If you are even thinking about buying a Smarty Ears app, don't hesitate. Not only do they have quality apps, but their customer service is bar none. 

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