App Review: Data Tracker Pro

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Data Tracker Pro is an app developed by Super Duper, Inc. It kicks the Super Duper Data Tracker up a notch. Once you get the hang of it, you'll love it.
Entering the goals is a bit time consuming. For those of us who don't have a keyboard with your iPad (and refuse to spend our own money when we're working with a school iPad!), it would be great if you could type your goals in your laptop, and then sync that to your iPad. When you enter the new goal, you can tailor the data to your needs. I don't keep track of approximations on some of my targets, so I was able to take that feature off when I don't need them.
This app allows you to add the Student's Name; the DOB and other information isn't required, which is a real time saver for me.

Once you have the student's name and their targets entered, you're ready to keep data! By touching "New Session" at the bottom of the student's box, you choose the targets for that session, and the day/time. Being able to change the day/time gives you the flexibility to back-date data. Again, I like this, because if I use another program that takes the data for me, I can enter the data in Data Tracker when I have time.
During the session, you are able to take notes by touching the star in the circle in the top left corner of the gray box. If you made a mistake with the data, touching the partial circle arrow in the top right will undo the response. On this screen, you also have the capability to change the target (as long as you have already added them on the student screen), add the student to a group, or change the day/time. 
When the session is completed, touch End Session
The app gives you a nice little chart that you can use during meetings, or to show the student how they did that session. And, you have options to email, save, or print.
AND, you can put students into groups! The students in the group show up at the same time, so all you have to do to change students is swipe over to the next student.
I've got to be honest: When I first started using this app, I was a bit frustrated. Unlike some other apps, there is not a video to explain how to use all of the features. From the drop-down box (see picture below), if you choose Information, it's difficult to get answers to some questions you may have. You just have to play around with and figure it out on your own.
There isn't any way to turn off the clicking when you are taking data, which is a little annoying. I turn the iPad volume to "mute" since you don't need the sound for anything in the app.

Once I was able to play around with it for a bit and figured out how it all works, my opinion changed. I really like this app. Will it replace my tried & true label system of data collecting? Not in the near future, but I will definitely get some use out of it. And, at $9.99 in iTunes, it is a very reasonable app. Interested? You can find it here.

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