Clifford's Thanksgiving Visit

 I'm joining up with other SLPs at Speech is Sweet for her weekly linky.  It's super easy to link up: just write a blog post about the book that you're using this week, along with how you're using it in therapy. Then, link up!
This week's book is Clifford's Thanksgiving Visit (Norman Bridwell). 
I read it with one student last week, and used it again this week. There are so many language targets you can hit with this book: prepositions, predicting, past tense, "wh" questions, inferencing, and vocabulary. Plus, who doesn't love the Big Red Dog?


  1. Thanks for linking up! I have a student who is obsessed with Clifford.. She would love this book!

  2. I love Clifford!!! Looks like a great book to use in therapy :)

  3. Everybody Loves Clifford! Nora used to have the giant dog (in stuffed form)! I miss that dog!


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