Using Emergent Readers in Therapy

Last year, I found quite a gem that I had no idea was out there:  Emergent Readers. Simple sentence structure, vocabulary, basic concepts, "wh" questions, as well as morphology can all be targeted. You can find many Emergent Readers in Teachers Pay Teachers for free.
Last week, I used My Hungry Turkey (Expressly Speaking). 
With the help of the Custom Boards app (Smarty Ears), I made visuals for the student to "read" the story. I stapled the visuals to the last page of the reader. (This was spur of the moment...I had an "aha" moment as we began working with the reader!) 
For each page, I asked the student, "What does your turkey like to eat?" (This also works on the pronouns!) 
Another Emergent Reader I used last week was Where is the Pumpkin?  (Can do Kinders). 
With one of my students, I changed the positional concepts since we're working on "in, on, under". The other student that used this "read" the book as is.
"Where" questions were also targeted. I also sign the "little" words (i.e., "the", "is").  The more visual cues to get the language, the better!
 I've received excellent feedback from one of my parents. They said that they keep all of the ones I give them, and their child goes through them during the week. It's a great way to carryover those skills you're working on from the therapy room to home.
If you haven't thought of using Emergent Readers in therapy, what are you waiting for? If you use them, what are you favorite ones?


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