Throwback Thursday SLP Style!

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In Kim's words:  It's Throwback Thursday ~ Speech Style!  Come on over and join in the party! This linky party is a place you can post materials (or blogs you have referred to) from the past that you love to use and why! {As always, new materials are welcome too!} 

I've been using this game for a looooong time:

Dessert Time  from Listening for Articulation All Year Round (Brenda Brumbaugh)
I take 1 piece of each flavor of pie, and group them together someplace in the room. The kids have 4 "stations" in which to choose a piece of pie. If they pick a piece of their pie, they keep it; if it's not there's, they put it back. First person to have all 4 pieces of their pie wins.
This is definitely a favorite of my kids; they often ask if we're going to play it again later in the year.

Other SLPs have linked up with Kim at School SLP with their throwbacks. Head over to see what everyone else has!


  1. Very cute and thanks for linking up!

  2. This looks fun! I'll need to check out that resource :)

  3. Oh my gosh!! I love these books and still use them as well! Listening for language, Listening for Vocabulary, Listening for Basic Concepts...


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