Week in Review 11/07/2014

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I started this linky so that SLP Bloggers could go to 1 place to get ideas for therapy. Write a post about either what you did this week, or what you have planned for next week. All I ask is that you share a link back to my blog in your post.

5 Minute Day:
Since we didn't have school on Tuesday (Election Day), only the students at one of my schools had a 5-Minute Day. For the independent activity, they used alphabet stamps to stamp words with their target on their homework sheet.

Lower Language:
My student worked on complete sentences using Fall Early Language File Folder Activities! (Miss Speechie).
 My Hungry Turkey Emergent Reader (Expressly Speaking) was perfect for using the carrier phrase: My turkey likes to eat ____. I used Custom Boards to make visuals to help my student remember the carrier phrase.
This is a free emergent reader with a nice little surprise for an ending. It got a lot of giggles!
We also completed the pilgrim/Indian sheet from Cut, Sort, and Glue (Miss Speechie). 

We read Clifford's Thanksgiving Visit (Norman Bridwell), which had a lot of in, under, on things to talk about! That was followed up with Where is the Pumpkin? (candokinders.blogspot.com). I changed the words to "on" or "under", & it worked wonderfully!

It was a "follow directions" kind of session: the last thing we worked on was the barrier activity from Fall Themed Speech & Language Packet (Speechy Musings). My student placed object "on" or "under", then told me where she put it.
I pulled out Matt & Molly: Raking Leaves for another student to work on auditory comprehension and answering yes/no & "wh" questions.

I have a few students who are working on "wh" questions; Fall Themed Speech & Language Packet (Speechy Musings) was an excellent fit.
Higher Language:
A couple of my students are working on Idioms; I found Thanksgiving Idioms story (Rachel Lebovitch) for free on TpT. We read through the story and the students told me what the idioms meant. For the ones they didn't know, they found the clues in the story to help them. I made a quick homework sheet using some of the idioms from the story:

I pulled out the Holiday & Seasonal Chipper Chat from Super Duper, Inc. for my kids on Monday who didn't participate in a 5 Minute Day.
For Wed./ Thurs., the kids played a November Game 
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